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Warfleets: FTL - Quickstart v1.6
Warfleets: FTL - Core Rules v1.8
Core Rules
Warfleets: FTL - Basic Rulebook v1.8
Basic Rules
Warfleets: FTL - Campaign Rules v1.0
Campaign Rules
Warfleets: FTL - AI Solo Rules v1.0
AI Rules
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Grimdark Future FTL

Players control powerful warships as they engage in intense, fast-paced battles in the vast reaches of space. Equip advanced technologies such as faster-than-light engines, shields, and weapons. There are different classes of ships, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and you must choose their fleet composition carefully to gain an advantage. 

The rules are designed to be flexible and modular, so players can customize their games and add their own unique rules and scenarios. 

The World of Grimdark Future

Grimdark Future is a sci-fi universe at war. The galaxy is in turmoil, where powerful factions and alien races are locked in a struggle to control valuable resources and territory. The technology in this universe is advanced, with faster-than-light travel and powerful weapons, but the origins and true capabilities of this technology still need to be fully understood. 

There are various factions, each with their own unique ideologies and agendas, fighting for dominance, and the true motivations of the war are not entirely clear. The universe is also home to many different alien species, some of which are peaceful, while others are hostile and aggressive. 

The war is fought across a wide range of environments, from deep space to planets and asteroids, and the battles are intense and brutal, with ships and soldiers using advanced weapons and tactics to gain an advantage. The universe is full of uncertainty and secrets, and the true nature of the war and the various factions fighting it are open to interpretation. 

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