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Wormhole Daemons

Wormhole Daemons

The Wormhole Daemons are monstrous servants of the Havoc Gods, who emerge from a different dimension throughout the galaxy. Their forms vary greatly, depending on which god they serve. Wormhole Daemons are castoffs of dying gods who desperately hope to buy more time for themselves. These Daemons emerge suddenly from Wormholes throughout the galaxy, to serve the eldritch will of their gods, only to disappear just as quickly once they have achieved their ends. Their gods are ready to leave nothing but havoc in their wake, just in hopes of extending their own lives for a little longer.

For aeons, powerful beings resided in a place beyond space, between the wormholes. As pure psychic entities, they lacked physical form and lived without fear of pain or death. Little can be said for certain about these beings or their origins, as their existence predates the records of even the oldest known civilisations in the galaxy. They observed passively, watching the galaxy progress, but rarely interacted with the species that lived within. 

This changed suddenly when one of their species died. Many have speculated about the cause of this death, but so far, the matter remains a mystery. This was the first time one of their kind had experienced death, and others reacted first with curiosity, followed by horror. The horror only grew worse as death spread through their people, and the rest soon recognised the signs of entropy and decay in themselves. 

Each entity would react in their own way, but most would eventually succumb with few exceptions. The being now known as Lust sought to cut away at herself, slicing away any signs of imperfection and weakness. Another known as Change, sought to accumulate knowledge more quickly than he could decay. Plague found salvation in physical form, using its power to spread himself and re-assimilate any that he infected. Finally, War believed himself too powerful to fall to decay, refusing to acknowledge the signs of entropy as he asserted his strength over others.

Soon, these beings turned their attention outwards, hoping that the material world might allow them to stall their demise for a time longer. Anguished to survive, they sought out followers from the lost and desperate and offered them power in exchange for their service and worship. Those who rejected these gods came to know them as Havoc Gods due to the zealotry of their followers and the unrest that they caused. 

These Gods are able to manifest their will in the physical world through aspects, fragments of their power and minds, which most refer to as their Daemons. Once manifested, these aspects are mortal, and vulnerable to death and harm, needing food to survive, and which can even adapt and change with experience. Gods must sacrifice a portion of their power to create Daemons, with greater Daemons requiring more of their essence to be contributed. As such, each Havoc God can only manifest so many Daemons at once, and must lose a portion of their power to do so, claiming it back when a Daemon dies. 

When they are not carrying out the will of their gods, the Daemons often dwell within a strange space between Wormholes. Their control over these Wormholes allows them to appear and disappear within physical space rapidly, allowing them to carry out their God’s will without fear of reprisal. 

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Between Space

For aeons, there was a species which dwelt in the space between the Wormholes. Born of a more ancient species who transcended their physical forms, their psychic powers were advanced enough that they lived without fear of pain or death, watching the galaxy as it progressed.


This changed suddenly when one of their species died. This was the first time one of their kind had experienced death and the survivors reacted with curiosity, followed by horror. No one knew what had caused it, but it soon began to spread. More of these godlike beings died while others began to recognise the signs of entropy and decay in themselves.


A handful of these entities outlived the rest of their people; each one crediting their own philosophies and methods for preserving themselves. Yet, none were able to fully escape the grasp of their newfound mortality.

Wormhole Daemons

In the process of escaping their destruction, each of the gods cast off a number of fragments which attained their own sentience. The reason for this depended upon the individual, but all of them would begin to send out these creatures into the wider galaxy beyond the Wormhole.

Servants of Havoc

Each of these Daemons would strive to serve their creator’s agenda above all else, striking bargains and often spreading disorder as they went. Because of this, their creators came to be known as the Havoc Gods.


The Havoc Gods turn little pieces of themselves into Daemons that they cast out into our universe, tasked with finding a way to save the Gods from decay and death. The Daemons try to help their God survive by living a certain way, holding ceremonies for them, or by sending tribute. Depending on the God, tributes might be religious ceremonies, impressive achievements or other displays of devotion. The idea is to transmit the psychic energy they generate to their creator, almost like a blood transfusion. Yet none can be certain whether their methods are actually effective. As a result, Daemons are constantly striving to find other ways to help their deity, but none so far seem to have permanently solved the issue.


Daemons are reabsorbed by their God when they die, but at the cost of their individuality. A fresh daemon is a pure incarnation of his God’s emotions and will to live. The longer a daemon lives, the more it will be attached to its current incarnation and develop its own personality, shaped by the trials and successes it encountered.

Shadows of Existence

Daemons have a mystical side, seeing the physical world as a shadow of real existence, a strange realm where they are trying to find answers to save their god. They will often speak in riddles and analogies, and look at things with a disconcerting perspective. From their point of view, they are like heroes sent on a quest in a land of monsters and strange creatures.

The Great Silence

Because they are but splinters of an incomprehensibly larger being, and because they have been fundamentally changed to adapt to another dimension, Daemons cannot communicate easily with their gods. They can receive the god’s thoughts, but these often take a lot of work to be interpreted in any kind of understandable way. They can try to send messages and updates (and they do), but can never know how much of that is actually understood by the god: it might sound like the buzzing of flies to these immense beings.

Promises Kept

In their dealings with mortals, Daemons have the reputation of sticking to their word to the letter. It’s rarely easy to forge a pact with them, but they will typically risk their lives to uphold any oath they take. They are, however, very smart and often able to find loopholes in contracts that they agree to; those who try to trick them often regret it.

Wormhole Daemons

The nature of their Gods is connected to the way Wormholes work. Daemon’s powers include the ability to open temporary Wormholes with an ease unmatched by any technology. They almost never use spaceships, preferring to open a passage to wherever they need to go.

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Wormhole Daemons


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