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Games Rules

  • Grimdark Future Rules
  • Grimdark Future Firefight Rules

STL + Paper Miniatures

  • Jackals Nomads
  • Jackals Elites
  • Jackals Vultures
  • Jackals Terrain
  • War Daemons Warriors
  • War Daemons Hounds
  • War Daemons Furies
  • War Daemons Terrain
  • Ruler & Tokens

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Game Rules

  • Age of Fantasy Rules
  • Age of Fantasy Skirmish Rules

STL + Paper Miniatures

  • Duchies of Vinci Militia
  • Duchies of Vinci City Guards
  • Duchies of Vinci Automa Guards
  • Beastmen Warriors
  • Beastmen Elites
  • Beastmen Hunters
  • Beastmen Terrain
  • Ruler & Tokens

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Great and affordable minis with no end in sight. 

Since 2020 we have designed over 1,000 highly-detailed sci-fi and fantasy miniatures for tabletop wargaming. That's a lot, even by big-box game company standards. Every month we release waves of digital miniatures, but you can collect and buy them however you want... you can buy pre-printed on or buy only the digital files you want on

Join a rapidly growing community.

Get engaged with an active community on Discord and contribute to play-testing, contribute custom armies, or even create miniatures for the game. We're creating a new and open era for wargaming that allows you to play with whatever miniatures you want. Our sci-fi and fantasy worlds are big enough to include other digital creators with the Compatible with OPR Badge. These miniatures have rules and miniatures in our game world. It's your game. It should be up to you what to use.