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1. Download the Rules

This free PDF provides a concise and engaging miniature wargame in a single sheet of easy to learn rules, so you can get playing today.

2. Build Your Army

Quickly and easily build your list in our free web app. Updated with the latest unit profiles so you don't have to buy new books to play!

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The best way to start collecting OPR miniatures is to begin by supporting us on Patreon. You will get heaps of minis & more monthly.

3. Start Collecting

The best way to start collecting OPR miniatures is to begin by supporting us on Patreon. You will get heaps of minis & more monthly.


Age of Fantasy: Regiments - Core Rules v3.2.0
Core Rules
Age of Fantasy: Regiments - Beginner's Guide v3.2.0
Beginner's Guide
Age of Fantasy - Mission Cards v3.0.0
Mission Cards
OPR Games - Play Tokens v2.5
Game Aides
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Age of Fantasy Regiments

Players control armies of miniatures and use a combination of strategy and tactics to outmaneuver and defeat their opponents. Draw the line of battle, with units arranged in ranks and break through the enemy line and flank their troops!

The rules are designed to be flexible and modular, so players can customize their games and add their own unique rules and scenarios. 

The World of Age of Fantasy 

A land of magic and mystery, where ancient ruins and powerful artifacts hint at a rich history, but the true origins and nature of the world are shrouded in mystery. 

The land is dotted with various kingdoms and factions, each with their own unique cultures and politics. The people of this world possess a range of abilities, from innate magical powers to advanced technology. There are many different races, including humans, elves, dwarves, and others, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The world is also home to a wide variety of creatures, from dragons and giant beasts to talking animals and mischievous spirits. 

The world's landscape is diverse, with towering mountains, dense forests, sprawling deserts, treacherous swamps, and dark, underground realms. It is a world full of uncertainty and secrets, and there are many opportunities for adventure and discovery for those brave enough to seek them out.

Where to Buy

Advanced Rules, Expansions, and Paper Minis

The world of OPR is rapidly expanding with an extensive range of advanced rules, campaigns, and expansions. There are even paper minis for all of our armies.

Have the Professionals Print the Minis for You

Not interested in 3D printing? You can buy pre-printed miniatures in high-resolution and durable resin. All delivered in a clamshell like you're used to.

Digital Miniatures (STLs) for 3D Printing

Looking for a specific model to complete your collection? Our entire catalog of highly detailed miniatures are available to buy as unit packs or in discounted bundles.


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