You built this community.
And we're thankful for it.

With the outstanding support of our community we've designed and produced thousands of miniatures and one of our favorite things is engaging with them on our Discord.

The onepagerules discord provides a platform for OPR veterans and newcomers to connect with each other. You can participate in spirited discussions about the latest 3D printing and painting techniques, share your creations with the community, and receive feedback from others. Deepen your understanding of the hobby and connect with like-minded individuals.

Your minis, our battlefield.

Your favorite independent 3D creators are supplying rules to use their miniatures for Grimdark Future or Age of Fantasy and introducing their audiences to wargames. OPR rules are a great starting point for those new to wargaming, as the rules are simple and easy to use. If you are a creator interested in becoming Compatible with OPR, please apply here!

Get creative. That's our jam.

The OPR Writing Jam is a 48-hour story writing marathon event. Participants will write one-page stories set in the OPR universe. You can join the OPR Discord server to chat and share ideas. The stories will be judged by the public and the top 3 voted stories will be highlighted on the OPR website.

Dive deeper in the OPR wiki.

The wiki features primers on all of our games and factions. You can learn about strategies and tactics for your faction or even sort out your first army with our pre-made army lists so you can start playing. There's even a place to find the perfect minis for your lists.