Age of Fantasy: Quest Preview

June 14, 2024

After years of hard work and development, we will be releasing the Public Beta of Age of Fantasy: Quest next week! We’re excited to get the game into your hands and see all the adventures you and your friends will have together.

What is Age of Fantasy: Quest?

Age of Fantasy: Quest is our new Solo and Co-Op miniature adventure game set in the Age of Fantasy Universe! While playing you and your friends will lead a small group of heroes through a series of adventures, fighting deadly foes, finding treasure, and growing in strength together as you work to complete your campaign!

With Age of Fantasy: Quest, we wanted to make a game custom designed for Solo and Co-Op play, where you and your friends work together to succeed against AI controlled forces. This makes it a perfect game to introduce new players to One Page Rules, as new players can work together with veterans instead of the often intimidating prospect of facing them on the other side of a competitive battle.

You’ll also only need miniatures to represent your two to four heroes as well as a small enemy force, so getting started with Age of Fantasy: Quest has a very low barrier for entry! Especially if you already have any Age of Fantasy or Age of Fantasy: Skirmish miniatures or make use of our free 2D Paper Miniatures.

Your Heroes, Your Adventures

The first, and often most exciting, step to play Age of Fantasy: Quest is creating your own custom group of Heroes! Using Army Forge, our free web app that supports all of our games, you can make a Hero from any faction in Age of Fantasy, including our official armies, compatible creators, and community factions! Your hero will also choose one of 12 classes, from Barbarian to Wizard, that provides additional skills and abilities to use on your quests!

As your heroes complete missions, they’ll earn loot and experience that lets them grow in strength and get more abilities to ensure that each hero can be as unique as the player who created them! 

Will you play a powerful Saurian Fighter that endures the waves of enemy forces that break against them or a Ratmen Cleric that inspires and heals their allies to ensure victory in the mission? The choice is yours and we look forward to seeing all of the new heroes and ideas you create!

Epic Quests and Campaigns

Now that you have a group of heroes, you’re going to need some adventures for them to go on! You can use the Campaign Builder to randomly generate new missions and campaigns to get playing quickly, or you can use it as a guide to create your own custom stories and adventures for you and your friends to enjoy.

When it comes time to play a mission, Army Forge will help you create the enemy waves customized to your personal collection of miniatures. And after each mission, Army Forge will help you keep track of the rewards and experience each hero earns or what fate they may suffer in defeat.

We’ll also be releasing a series of custom Narrative Campaigns for Age of Fantasy: Quest, with new chapters releasing every month on Patreon. We’ll talk more about the first of these campaigns, Out of the Shadows, soon!

New Heroes to Collect

With the launch of the Public Beta, we’re also going to be adding four all new Age of Fantasy: Quest hero models to our Tier 2 Patreon Welcome Pack! These heroes have been chosen from a variety of our factions and represent different classes you can play in the game.

We’re happy to preview the first of the models you can expect: The Ratmen Cleric! Just one of the four new heroes that our Tier 2 Patreon Supporters will get next week.

Then, starting in July, we’ll be releasing an all new Age of Fantasy: Quest Hero Model each month for our Tier 2 Patreon Supporters. These heroes will also be available to purchase later on our MyMiniFactory and Only-Games stores.

Age of Fantasy: Quest Public Beta

In order to ensure the game will be the best game we can make, we’re releasing Age of Fantasy: Quest first as a Public Beta. This means over the next few months you can expect frequent updates, development, and changes to both the game itself and Army Forge.

So please join our Discord Server and provide your feedback as you play. There are already a few known bugs, so please search the feedback thread first to avoid reporting a bug that has already been reported.

Happy Adventuring!

– OPR Team

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