AoF: Quest Patch Notes - June 27th 2024

June 27, 2024

Hello Everyone,

Today we're releasing the first update to the Age of Fantasy: Quest Public BETA. In this update we've fixed many bugs, clarified some rules, adjusted the games difficulty levels as well as providing many updates and improvements to Army Forge, our free web app that supports all of our games!

We plan to release the next patch in 4 weeks, unless we catch anything egregious. Read the full list of updates below.

AoF: Quest v0.42 Patch Notes

Game Updates

  • Fixed typos, missing text, etc.
  • Clarified that Rest action force you to be idle
  • Push action now only pushes enemies 3", but doesn't require the hero to follow
  • Heroes with spell tokens can now spend them to modify enemy casting rolls
  • Clarified that Fear only applies to melee
  • Clarified that only heroes may Jump
  • Difficulty levels have been tweaked (lvl1 = 25% / lvl2 = 50% / lvl3 = 100% / lvl4 = 200%)
  • Clarified that heroes may only buy items from the shop between chapters
  • Clarified that killed heroes are revived after the mission
  • Clarified that heroes only get conditions from revealed search tokens if within 1"
  • Re-named Careless/Vigilant/Full Alert to Vigilant/Alarmed/Full Assault

Army Forge Updates

  • Small bug fixes, improved text, etc.
  • Tutorial has been simplified and can now be skipped
  • Start mission dialog has been simplified
  • Community books are now enabled for heroes and collections
  • Added a new "class info" screen that shows all available skills
  • Players can now select less than 2 / more than 4 heroes (with a warning)
  • When selecting collections, we now recommend a minimum number of points and units for it
  • Added alertness tracking when playing missions

Happy Adventuring!

– OPR Team

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