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Patch Notes - November 3rd 2023

November 3, 2023

Hi everyone,

This week we published a large update for Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy, here’s some patch notes for you:


  • Re-worked spell lists with AP(1) attacks across the board
  • Fixed skirmification of special rules that boost a specific hero unit (ex.: Human Empire's Inspiring)
  • Re-worked general skirmification of special rules (this may require a few fixes, which won't get a post)

Grimdark Future

Alien Hives

  • Added missing Whip Limbs to monster melee upgrades

Battle Brothers - Dark Brothers

  • Added missing Biker Brothers upgrades

Battle Brothers - Knight Brothers

  • Fixed incorrect Dual Energy Falchion stats
  • Added missing Destroyer Master melee weapons
  • Fixed Destroyer Master not having access to Paladin upgrade

Battle Brothers - Watch Brothers

  • Removed incorrect option to swap CCW for Shield
  • Fixed Attack Walker being able to take Veteran Walker twice

Battle Brothers - Wolf Brothers

  • Added missing Sword + Shield option for Master Brother
  • Added missing melee options for Attack Walker

Blessed Sisters

  • Fixed incorrect CCW attacks on Destroyer Sisters

DAO Union

  • Fixed Gun Drones upgrade package

Dark Elf Raiders

  • Added new leader upgrades: Hoverboard, Wings, Jetbike

Dwarf Guilds

  • All Berserkers can now be equipped with Great Axes again
  • Berserker Great Axes are now AP(2) and Dual Axes have no AP anymore

Gangs of New Eden

  • Re-worked Fighters and Veteran Fights to fix unit sizes

Havoc Brothers - Change Disciples

  • Fixed missing Heavy Flamer for Havoc Support

Havoc Brothers - Lust Disciples

  • Fixed hero missing Gift of Lust upgrade

Havoc Brothers - Plague Disciples

  • Added missing Plague Sword option for Sergeants

High Elf Fleets

  • Updated some weapon names
  • Added new sergeant options for Hawk Squad
  • Fixed Prism Cannon stats

Human Defense Force

  • Fixed Storm Trooper Sergeants having Drum Pistols instead of Shred Pistols
  • Fixed skirmifiction of Field Radio

Orc Marauders

  • Leaders can now be upgraded with Shooty to better fit in units

Prime Brothers

  • Fixed Heavy Pistol missing AP(1) on one of the Raider upgrades

Prime Brothers - Watch Brothers

  • Removed overlapping Relentless and Purge rules

Rebel Guerrillas

  • Fixed Dug-In rule to work as a hero aura again

Saurian Starhost

  • Fixed Gecko Champion Deinonychus mount having Impact(1)

Age of Fantasy


  • Fixed spell description for Spirit Mantle


  • Fixed naming on Warden Lord and Grudge Bearer

Havoc War Clans

  • Re-worked Fighters and Veteran Fights to fix unit sizes
  • Fixed missing rules description for Defensive Stance + Set Example

Kingdom of Angels

  • Fixed Panther Riders and Paladin Knights not having Command Group options

Mummified Undead

  • Fixed Guardian Statues' low Heavy Great Weapon attacks
  • Fixed Great Scorpion's low Stinger attacks


  • Fixed Trapper upgrade on Pet Goblins not giving Counter-Attack


  • Censer Flails now have AP(1)
  • Re-worked Death Roller, Roller Fists, and Shock Fists

Rift Daemons

  • Fixed Champion upgrades not being Caster(2)
  • Fixed incorrect spell lists

Sky-City Dwarves

  • Gunners have been split into two units in order to fix loadout issues

Vampiric Undead

  • Removed all ghostly units (still available in Ghostly Undead army)
  • Added Heavy Armor option to Vampire Lord + Champion
  • Added Bat Beast as mount for Ghoul Leader
  • All bat-like units now have Ambush
  • All chariots/wagons have been re-worked

Wood Elves

  • Fixed Forest Guard, Forest Riders, Deer Brothers, and Deep Sisters not having Command Group options

That's it for today. If you want to give feedback please join our Discord, and leave your comments in the "balance-feedback" section. Thanks again for all the fun, it's an honor to make games for such a wonderful community.

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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