Play One Page Rules in ONLY 10 MIN?

May 23, 2024

Our friends from MiniWarGaming present how easy it is to learn One Page Rules as Gaetano from OPR shows Roman (Titan-Forge) and Kostas (Archvillain Games) how to play their new armies in Age of Fantasy: Skirmish!

Join the Campaign

The Worlds Beyond Campaign on MyMiniFactory's FronTiers is Available Now!

3 Creators, 3 Worlds, One page to rule them all. 24 armies clash as One Page Rules teams up with Titan-Forge Miniatures and Archvillain Games to bring you the future in wargaming. Worlds Beyond includes STLs for 24 armies, all available for download and with full playable rules in One Page Rules' Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy.


  • 6 All New Titanic Models
  • 24 Different Army Bundles with Hundreds of Models Total
  • OPR Compatible Rules for 16 new Armies from Titan-Forge and Archvillian Games!

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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