Worlds Beyond Preview: Frostburn Horrors

March 13, 2024

In April, in partnership with prominent miniature makers Archvillain Games and Titan-Forge Miniatures, OPR Games is launching the Worlds Beyond campaign on MyMiniFactory's Frontiers. It will not only give you the opportunity to acquire hordes of minis at great value, but will also feature rules for each model included, allowing you to field your armies in our games.

For a while already, we at OPR have been pushing the OPR Compatibility Program, working with various creators to include custom rules with their models and Worlds Beyond is the next step towards this vision of an open wargaming philosophy. We want players to be able to use their miniatures in our games, wherever they come from; and we want to foster an ecosystem where creators thrive together.

Archvillain Games

Archvillain Games is one of the leading creators of 3D miniatures. They design amazing quality models that are very popular with tabletop roleplaying games enthusiasts, from lava dragons to ancient gods, war beasts, and beyond.

They also offer 5e compatible stat blocks for a lot of these models. But so far, they did not have rules to use them in wargaming, until now!

Introducing the Frostburn Horrors

The Frostburn Horrors are a faction that gathers denizens of the northern ice sheets of Kylpaikka, a roleplaying setting developed by Archvillain Games. It is a frozen melting pot featuring axe-wielding Bear warriors, hulking Frost Giants, shamanic bands of Pingvi bird-men, savage Ice Trolls and cold-blooded Fenwir wolf warriors, among others.

Whether you already have these miniatures in your collection as part of an RPG campaign or you’ve always wanted to field an army as cold as the depths of your heart, the Worlds Beyond campaign will help you bring them to your gaming table. How will they fare against the desert-dwelling Mummified Undead or the gear-loving Duchies of Vinci? That is your story to tell.

The Rule of Cold

Let’s hear from the person responsible for bringing these squamous monsters to Age of Fantasy: Zarasque is a veteran of OPR faction building. He has previously worked with I Demo Games, Mammoth Factory and Dragon Trappers Lodge to design rules allowing their models to be used in OPR's games, so he was definitely the right man for this ambitious job.

Zarasque emphasized the importance of the rules matching the look and feel of the models:

You have to carefully consider the look and feel of each model and unit. Frostburn Horrors are all about the cold, which is reflected in some of their weapons and abilities by rules such as Frostbite, but the rules also need to match the models’ appearance.
A model sporting large tusks needs to have an appropriate rule such as Impact, and a shamanic unit should have a spellcasting ability.
The gist of my work consists of finding ways to bring a variety of unit profiles to a faction, while making sure that there’s no discrepancy between how a model plays and how it looks.

He also stressed that the magic a faction has access to is very important to getting the theme across:

I also designed a list of spells that further reflects the identity of Frostburn Horrors as creatures of ice and cold. For instance, one spell allows them to raise a blizzard that hides their units from ranged attacks; another allows them to summon a devastating hail storm to hurt their opponents.

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If all this talk of fantastical northern hordes has you shivering not with cold, but with excitement, why don’t you head over to check out the campaign page and sign up to be notified of the launch? And stay tuned for further articles about the other factions that are being deployed by Archvillain Games and Titan-Forge Miniatures!

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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