3rd Edition Update - v3.1.0 Released

September 14, 2023

Thank You For Your Feedback

Hi everyone,

Before we begin, I would like to give some thanks.

As some of you already know, OPR games are fully designed by a single person (me, hi), which is great in terms of making sure our games are consistent across the board, but which also makes development pretty hard and time consuming.

I would like to thank Adam, Moritz, and Baptiste for the incredible work that they've made in creating the Army Forge app, without which the development of these games would be impossible at this point.

I also want to thank everyone in our community for your continuous support and encouragement, your kind words, your feedback, and your faith in me as a designer and head of the company. Without you, none of this would be possible, and my dream of making miniatures games that are accessible to everyone would never have been realized.

With both our fans and our app developers, we are able to do amazing things. It's absolutely incredible (and unheard of), that a new edition of a miniatures game which was just released a week ago, is already being fixed of all major issues, and adapted to take fan feedback into account seamlessly, and for free.

This is a great achievement for our small niche, and I hope that it can inspire other indie developers to make their own games, and larger game studios to take note and adapt their methods to these new times. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Now, let's talk about the actual update!

What's Changing in 3.1.0

Over the last week we have been making a lot of small updates in Army Forge, re-phrasing special rules to be clearer, fixing broken point costs and upgrade lists, and generally cleaning up things according to your feedback. Most of these changes were relatively small, so we won't be going over every change here.

However, there were some bigger things that players pointed out, which have required us to update all the rulebooks to v3.1.0, and we want to discuss the changes here to give you some insight into our thinking behind these changes, and the feedback that brought us to them.

Furious & Relentless

First off, many players complained that the wording on Furious, Relentless, and similar rules that multiplied hits was not clear, and that the combination of those rules with things such as Rending caused some broken combos. We have changed the wording on those rules to be clearer, and note additional hits from those rules don't count as 6s for special rules (so they don't trigger Rending anymore).

There were also some special rules that stacked with Furious and Relentless, which made for even more accidentally broken combos. For example, the combination of Shooty and Extra Shooty from the Orc Marauders meant that a roll of 6 on a Blast(3) weapons would multiply 1 hit into a massive 12 hits (whoops!). To avoid this type of situation, those special rules don't stack anymore, but instead make those rules trigger on 5-6 instead of only 6s, making them easier to trigger, without exploding into an insane amount of hits.

The War Daemons charge across the field making ample use of the Furious special rule.


We also heard a lot of concerns about the new Poison rule, which were expected for a rule that got a general nerf, but we also agree with players that the new Poison had become so weak, that it felt a little underwhelming. To improve this, Poison now also gives -1 to Regeneration rolls, giving players more utility out of it. We are going to keep monitoring how Poison affects games in the coming period, and will further tweak if necessary.


There have also been some comments about the new Counter rule, and how it affects large units with Impact when charging a lonely Hero with a Spear. This is an issue that was already present in v2.50, and whilst we thought the fix we had made last week was enough to mitigate this, after some thought it didn't feel quite fair. In order to fix this, Counter now gives -1 total Impact attacks per model, meaning that you can't just put a single Hero with a Spear in a unit, and block a unit of 10 Knights with it. Instead, now if a unit with 10 Impact attack charges a Hero with Counter, they will lose out on only 1 Impact attack , leaving them with the other 9 Impact attacks to crush the Hero (bye bye exploit).

A group of Saurian Warriors with spears brace for a charge from the Mummified Undead

Force Organisation

Finally, there were also many complaints about how the Force Organisation limits work well for Grimdark Future / Firefight, but are too restrictive for Age of Fantasy / Skirmish / Regiments, as well as there being general confusion as to how Casters are affected by Force Organisation. In order to fix this, we have removed the limit to Casters, and have tweaked the rules across all games, to give you a better army building experience. Even though we are striving to improve Force Organisation, we would like to remind everyone that these rules are fully optional, so don't feel forced to use them if they don't allow you to build your dream army.

Other Changes

Alright, those are the most important things, we have also fixed a lot of smaller things here and there, so make sure to read the changelog:

  • Clarified that Furious and Relentless multiply hits, and additional hits don't count as 6s for special rules
  • Fixed various rules that were related to Furious and Relentless or similar
  • Casters don't count towards force organisation restrictions anymore
  • Tweaked force organisation restrictions for all games
  • Poison now gives -1 to Regeneration rolls as well
  • Counter now gives -1 total Impact attacks per model with counter (instead of reducing all impact attacks to 6s)
  • Clarified that Transports require a move action to disembark, and that units must stay within 6" when disembarking
  • For fantasy, clarified that musicians give +1" move to actions, and not fallback moves or similar
  • Added a note in the basic rulebook that you can't put objectives in unreachable places
  • Clarified that coherency requires an uninterrupted chain of models in 1" coherency
  • For regiments, clarified various inconsistencies regarding movement and line of sigh
  • For campaign rules, clarified specialist traits, tweaked hero skills, and casualty rules to be less brutal

That's it for today. We're going to keep an eye out on your feedback, and continue tweaking small things here and there over the next few weeks, but after that we're hoping that the next update will only be next quarter again. If you want to give feedback please join our Discord, and leave your comments in the "3rd edition feedback" section. Thanks again for all the fun, it's an honor to make games for such a wonderful community. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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