Another Look at the Grimdark Future World Book

April 18, 2024
Throughout the sector, bullets hiss as chitinous talons clash with energy glaives while humans and aliens alike struggle to claim their place in this galaxy. Ambitious commanders vie to claim valuable resources and artefacts, while zealots strive to enforce unquestioning obedience over entire worlds.

We at OPR are really excited by the launch of our Grimdark Future World Book to coincide with our 10th Anniversary and the expanded Lore release surrounding it. This book has been our way of laying the groundwork for a wider series of books and stories set in the Grimdark Future Universe, while giving fans the space to create their own armies, factions, and stories!

The goal of the World Book has been to give fans a framework and a taste of the Sirius Sector, its history and the wider galaxy that it exists in. We hope that this will inspire fans to build on this universe and work it into their games. The beautiful artwork gives fans a glimpse of the world which our models reside in, putting them into a wider context for the first time.  

This 64-page book is a primer on the wider Grimdark Future setting. It connects the lore shown so far through narrative campaigns, short stories and army books intros and builds a foundation for future stories and campaigns. Several pages are available free for those who want a peak at what’s on offer before diving in.


  • Humanity’s origins and history in the Grimdark Future
  • The history, ongoing conflicts, key locations, and factions of the Sirius Sector
  • Information on societies in the setting, touching on everything from space travel to policing.
  • Galactic geography, introducing the wider galaxy and the planets contained within.
  • Beautiful artwork on almost every page, including some factions never before depicted by OPR
  • New short stories and flash fiction throughout the book, depicting life on and off the battlefield in Sirius.

This book has been a labour of love between many members of our team, including illustrators, writers and others who have been able to make this story possible. We have been sincerely grateful for the fan response; the enthusiasm and interest in our story has been overwhelming and we couldn’t be happier to see it.

War and Conflict

Grimdark Future is a story set in a war-torn sci-fi future, where humanity struggles to survive in a new galaxy. This is a universe filled with epic conflicts, mighty heroes, and daring adventurers, where species and factions face off in a battle for supremacy. Let's take a closer look at some of the conflicts you can read about in the Grimdark Future World Book.

Humanity Arrives In Sirius

The conflict between the recently arrived Alien Hives and the other species within the Sirius Sector was initially believed to be an existential fight between incompatible forms of life.

The World Book explores humanity’s history in Sirius following their sudden arrival in the sector; including the appearance of the Alien Hives in the sector and the brutal war which ensued. The Radiance disrupted the usual migratory patterns of the Alien Hives and drew them towards Sirius, where their massive ships required a great deal of resources and sustenance from this more populated region of space.

The result was a series of lightning raids by the Alien Hives, seeking to take what they required from these worlds while the various forces of the Sirius Sector tried to drive them back. This was a turbulent period for humanity and its neighbors, characterized by short-term alliances and uneasy cooperation to defend against the aberrant forces of the Alien Hives.

Players who wish to reenact this period can play out missions where the Alien Hives are fighting to claim vital locations with various resource stockpiles, from water refineries to hunting flora and fauna with rare protein strains. Many unlikely alliances formed during this period, and the player opposing them may see Dwarf Guilds Miners contracting with Wormhole Daemons to defend their claims or Blessed Sisters fighting alongside High Elf Fleets as a desperate measure to protect border worlds threatened by the Alien Hive’s movements.

Sirius At War

The Sirius Sector is an unstable place, with many factions vying for supremacy or survival. Every day, forces clash in space and on the ground. Not all of them originate from there, however, foreign forces are pouring in through the Sector’s borders, driven by ambition or necessity.

As one would imagine, Sirius At War includes several examples of typical conflicts throughout the Sirius Sector, which should serve as excellent fodder for inspiration for everything from the story of an isolated firefight to a long-spanning campaign for those seeking inspiration.

A notable example of the latter would be the Armorui campaign, waged between the High Elf Fleets and the Saurian Starhost. A Starhost attempting to fulfil one of their Frog-Mage’s prophecies would find their work interrupted when they arrived on a High Elf mortuary world. The High Elves fought viciously to protect the graves of their ancestors, while the Saurians sought to arcane canals through the world.

This campaign, though only briefly explored, gives us a glimpse into a fascinating match-up between the High Elf Fleets and Saurians as they use their potent psychic prowess to claim a graveyard world filled with ancient relics and ruins. The Armorui campaign is the story of strike teams struggling to tip the balance of prophecy in their favour in the canals laced with arcane symbols, while entire armies are directed to claim resonant artifacts hidden in abandoned crypts which both sides have foreseen being a vital part of the campaign.

The Frontier


The Frontier represents the vast, largely uncharted edge of the galaxy, where some of the most bizarre and beautiful forms of life and civilization have thrived in isolation. However, many from Sirius have found their way to even this remote region of the galaxy; with some seeking riches and others seeking refuge. It’s also become a safe-haven for outlaws and pirates, forced to retreat from more populated shipping lines and bide their time in the relative safety of the frontier.

Both Dark Elf Raiders and Prime Brothers are known to come to the frontier as a means of proving their skill. For the Prime Brothers, missions here are occasionally used as an initiation rite, often under the guidance of Custodian Brothers, though this has given rise to rumours that the secretive order is actually seeking some objective in the distant frontier.

Disgraced Dark Elves sent to the frontier are often sent with the goal of killing or capturing some rare creature to serve as a status symbol for their Lords. They seek out the most dangerous creatures in order to redeem themselves or die in the attempt.

Many battles may play out here, as expeditions and war bands meet at the edge of the galaxy, clashing over uncharted worlds as they seek out everything from ferocious predators to marooned survivors of earlier expeditions. The Frontier is an excellent place for telling the stories of independent commanders and splinter factions seeking to survive in the precarity of unknown space.

We’ve done our best to create interesting stories while leaving as much space as possible for players to explore and build with their own narratives, whether they’re just starting now or if they’ve built up around the armies, which they’ve already been playing.

We look forward to seeing what stories and scenarios that players create for themselves with inspiration from the World Book building on the lore presented so far.

How will you forge your path through this Grimdark Future?

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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