February 2024 Patreon Release

February 4, 2024

Hi everyone,

This month we’ve got some new Vampiric Undead and Dwarf Guilds models, plus the War Daemons Epic Soul Daemon legendary unit. On top of that we’ve also got the welcome pack, bases, game aids, rulebooks, and much much more.

This project was made by gamers for gamers, and can only exist thanks to the support of our awesome community. Please consider subscribing on Patreon, where you’ll get tons of extra games, models and more.

New Missions Released

The latest missions have been released on Patreon, with a total of 8 missions for you:

  • Grimdark Future – Spiraling Escalation + Endless Swarm
  • GF: Firefight – Skyscraper Scrap + Ambassadors
  • Age of Fantasy – Haunted Realms + Mass Polymorph
  • AoF: Skirmish – Phoenix Migration + Rat Racing

These missions are focused on fun new ways to play, with interesting objectives and special rules to spice things up. We release new missions every month, so make sure to stick around so that you don’t miss any.

Note that whilst the missions are designed for each specific game, you can totally play them with the rules for any other game (with slight adjustments). This means that you have even more missions to play each month!

Short Stories + Missions

Dive into the worlds of Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy with our short stories, available now for Tier 1 and higher patrons! These stories give you taste of life and conflict in our settings and each comes with a matching playable mission available for Patrons!

February's Short Stories:

  • Grimdark Future -  Last to Leave by Pierre Mortel
  • Grimdark Future -  Jackpot by Pierre Mortel
  • Age of Fantasy - Torn From Home by Alexander Thompson
  • Age of Fantasy - Song of the Kad’wala by Pierre Mortel

Each Month we will release two more short stories and missions for our patrons to read. Later, the stories will be posted on our website without their missions, so be sure to download the stories and missions each month!

New 2D Minis Released

The new Ratmen and Blessed Sisters sets are available on Patreon.

These sets feature a ton of minis with front and back views in two different color schemes, as well as black & white. They also include black border versions of the minis, plus VTT tokens to play online.

New 3D Minis Released

Here's everything you get with this month's release!

3D Print Rewards (1 legend + 60 models + 88 bases + 18 game aids + 9 Terrain):

  • Legendary - War Daemons Epic Soul Daemon
  • Vampiric Undead - Corpse Master x2
  • Vampiric Undead - Commander x2
  • Vampiric Undead - Lord on Steed x4
  • Vampiric Undead - Stitched Zombies x8
  • Vampiric Undead - Giant Bats x3
  • Vampiric Undead - Corpse Wagon x1
  • Vampiric Undead - Themed Bases x44
  • Vampiric Undead - Game Aids x9
  • Dwarf Guilds - Guild Lord x8
  • Dwarf Guilds - Veterans x20
  • Dwarf Guilds - Snipers x10
  • Dwarf Guilds - Fortress x3
  • Dwarf Guilds - Themed Bases x44
  • Dwarf Guilds - Game Aids x9
  • Forest Small Terrain x9
  • GF: Warfleets - Alliance Fleet x4

3D Print Welcome Pack (23 models + 18 bases + 16 game aids):

  • Plague Champion x3
  • Plague Furies x5
  • Plague Swarms x3
  • Blessed Sisters Witch x2
  • Blessed Sisters Flagellants x5
  • Blessed Sisters Fanatics x5
  • Play Tokens & Ruler x16
  • Simple Bases (Round & Square) x18
  • 50% Discount Code for MyMiniFactory

2D Print Rewards:

  • Ratmen - Set #5
  • Blessed Sisters - Set #3
  • Ratmen Terrain
  • Blessed Sisters Terrain
  • GF: Warfleets - Alliance Fleet
  • GF: Warfleets - Space Terrain

Games Rewards:

  • 8 Game Missions
  • AoF: Quest (beta)

Lore Rewards:

  • 4 Short Stories + Missions

Full Rulebook Rewards:

  • Grimdark Future
  • Grimdark Future: Firefight
  • Age of Fantasy
  • Age of Fantasy: Skirmish
  • Age of Fantasy: Regiments
  • Warfleets: FTL

General Rewards:

  • 5% Discount Code for Only-Games
  • 5% Discount Code for Merch Store
  • Patrons-Only Channels on Discord
  • Weekly Development Update

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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