Grimdark Future World Book Preview

March 29, 2024

How will you forge the destiny of the Sirius Sector?

For a long time now, our team has been building the story behind Grimdark Future’s rules and model lines. Very little of this lore has been made public so far, aside from scant introductions put out with the army books and a handful of focused glimpses like the recently released Short Stories and Faction Spot Article.

The release of the Grimdark Future World Book is on the horizon however, and it will be filled with key setting information on everything from Humanity’s arrival in the Sirius sector to planets and life forms found in the mysterious frontiers at the edge of the galaxy.

With the upcoming release fast approaching, we want to take the chance to show you why we’re so excited to finally be able to share all this lore with you!

What can be found in the World Book?

The World Book is designed to be something of a setting primer, introducing fans to the wider universe of Grimdark Future (the setting of Grimdark Future, Grimdark Future: Firefight and Grimdark Future: Warfleets). While more information on specific factions can be found sprinkled through the book, the focus will be on the setting itself, meant to give readers a sense for the galaxy in which our games are based.

Those excited to learn more about the Sirius Sector will have lots to discover in this book, below is just a quick break down of what fans can expect to find:

  • An overview of human history leading up to their arrival in the Grimdark Future setting.
  • An overview of the history of the Sirius sector.
  • Key locations and conflicts in Sirius.
  • Introductions to the factions, with new accompanying artwork.
  • Sections on technology, jobs and psychic powers in Sirius and beyond.
  • And much more!

Of course, there remains a great deal of blank canvas for fans to explore with their own factions, armies and heroes.

In many ways, we hope our World Book will serve as inspiration for fans to do just that; giving a sense of possibilities for what can fit into this galactic sandbox that we’ve created!

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the contents which the book will cover...

Humanity’s History

“You know, sometimes I wonder if my people wouldn’t have been better off taking their chances on Earth. I’ve been all over Sirius by now and it seems like trouble is around every corner.” - Anonymous Human Bartender

Many factions within Grimdark Future can trace their origin to Earth, but the story of how they have arrived in Sirius has so far been mired in mystery and told only through snippets. The World Book will finally tell a more complete story of humanity’s struggles in the stars; from the rise of the mysterious gene-scientist known as the Founder to the desperate escape attempt from the ensuing Civil War which drove our species into a galaxy far from our own.

Humanity’s troubles didn’t end there of course; scattered as they emerged from the wormhole, those who made it to Sirius would have to quickly adapt to survive in the often hostile sector. Those fortunate enough to find hospitable worlds would also have to contend with the ever shifting boundaries and conflicts of a sector crowded with alien species, some of whom viewed these recent arrivals as unwelcome interlopers in their territories.

The Sirius Sector

“Empires fade, but the stars keep shining.” - Sirius Sector Proverb

We will also have a chance to introduce the Sirius Sector itself and its history, from its ancient history up to the disastrous Radiance Cascade which tore humanity’s refugee fleets from the Milky Way galaxy and even into the conflicts beyond.

The Book will also introduce a number of key locations in the region. These range from Lucipol, the magnificent capital of the Conduit and his Battle Brothers, to the Jackals’ remote homeworld where the effects of the Radiance Cascade still linger.

We also introduce a number of historical and ongoing conflicts in the Sirius sector to help inspire players seeking to build a narrative backdrop for their campaigns. These range from the massive first contact war with the Alien Hives to the assaults of the Dark Elf Raider Orgonok of the Broken Star on the edge of DAO Union space.


“Just as diversity drives innovation, it also determines how it is adopted and interpreted. Mystics and preachers coexist alongside ever-advancing technology, fusing traditional prophecy with computing advances to better predict and interpret outcomes.” - Galactic Society, Grimdark Future World Book p. 38

Beyond the history and geography of this strange galaxy, the World Book will also give us a glimpse at the technological wonders of the setting. Ranging from ubiquity of translators facilitating communication to the Jumpgates, Gravlanes, and Wormholes which make interstellar travel accessible to many of those living in the Sirius sector and beyond.

The flow of technology and trade in this vast setting are also touched on, allowing fans a vast range of possibilities for their own civilizations; whether they are towering technological power houses, eclectic scavengers or reclusive traditionalists who eschew scientific research in favour of honing psychic abilities to travel the stars.

Final Words

We at OPR hope that this book should give readers a glimpse into the story which we’ve crafted around the games they love, and allow them to build stories, factions and even armies which can further expand on our vision to make the setting their own.

This has just been a brief skim-over of some of the content available in the World Book, but there’s plenty more which we haven’t teased here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up article with a glimpse at the setting beyond Sirius, from the prosperous and peaceful Inner Sphere near the galactic core to the mysterious Frontier at the very edge of the galaxy.

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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