New Creators Tab on Army Forge

January 18, 2024

It is now easier than ever to find OPR Compatible Army Books and miniatures with the new Creators Tab on Army Forge! You’ll find the new tab in Army Forge between the OPR Official Army Books and the Community Books tabs. 

Inside you’ll find a dedicated page for each OPR Compatible Verified Creator who has their own Army Books. From there, you can view all of that creator’s books as well as find links to their monthly subscriptions, digital stores, or physical stores where you can get even more models ready for OPR Games such as Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy!

And since these books are inside Army Forge and created using Army Forge Studio, it is easy to create army lists to play with and even combine them with OPR Official Armies, other Verified Creator Armies, or Community Armies!

Star Creators

We want to acknowledge the creators who have been taking the best advantage of the Compatibility Program and regularly provide the OPR community with many new armies to play with. These creators have been ambassadors for the OPR Compatibility Program and serve as examples that we hope new creators can follow.

With the launch of the Creators Tab we are recognizing The Dragon Trappers Lodge and Mammoth Factory as our first Star Creators. They are two of the program’s most active members, with several armies available from each company. We hope to recognize other Star Creators in the future as the community grows.

Join the Compatibility Program

Your favorite independent 3D creators are supplying rules to use their miniatures for Grimdark Future or Age of Fantasy and introducing their audiences to wargames. OPR rules are a great starting point for those new to wargaming, as the rules are simple and easy to use. If you are a creator interested in becoming Compatible with OPR, please apply here!

Army Forge Studio

"But what if I have miniatures for which there is no army book?" - We hear you ask. Very simple, just build your own!

By supporting us on Patreon at Tier 1, you get full access to Army Forge Studio, the tools used to create our army books (note: you only need to be a patron to create new custom armies, all user created armies are available and playable by the public for free). That's right, we are making all of the tools that we use to create official army books available to our whole community, and the whole world. The tool is incredibly easy to use, and allows you to create amazing army books from scratch in no-time.

Not only that, but the system does all of the heavy lifting for you. All of the point costs are automatically calculated across the board, ensuring that every army follows the same criteria. We have a huge list of existing special rules for you to use, as well as the option to rename them to fit your own army theme. You also have a dedicated lore section, where you can write up what makes your army so cool.

Oh, and did we mention that the system automatically generates a PDF for you, as well as sets up your book so that people can build game-ready lists in Army Forge?

Alright, enough talking, go see the armies:

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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