Secrets of Tixal Passes 5000 Sign-Ups!

February 2, 2024

We are super excited to share some news about our upcoming Secrets of Tixal narrative campaign.

We Passed 5,000 Sign-Ups!

We have had a fantastic reception, today we just passed 5,000 sign-ups on our pre-subcscription page! To celebrate, we decided to share a 5% discount code to all pre-subscribers on the campaign's main tiers. You will receive the code when the campaign starts. It will of course stack with the campaign's discounts on our Saurian and Duchies of Vinci models.

For our Tier 2 supports on Patreon, we will be giving an even better 10% discount code for the campaign, in addition to all of the other Patreon discounts and rewards! (Note that only the highest discount code applies, they do not stack.)

A Rising Conflict

The Saurians of Tixal once prospered under the oracular guidance of their Frog-Mages, but now the once-great temple city languishes without them, with many of its old districts buried or in ruins. Teqi, a young Gecko Priest, remains faithful to their wisdom however, pouring through their cryptic predictions in order to find a better future for his people. While many doubt his insight, including his own protector Hakatlo, Teqi has traveled many days from his home to seek out a prophecy that he hopes might return his people to their ancient potential.

Things did not turn out as Teqi had foreseen; in the jungle the Saurians are greeted by an expedition of Vinci soldiers. Ignatio, a prodigious young Inventor, has come to Tixal to seek out a new path to prosperity as the supply of Mindstone which brought so much wealth to his native Duchies has begun to dwindle. And, unfortunately for Teqi, it appears that these new arrivals have set their sights squarely upon his temple city.

Will Teqi be able to return home in time to warn his people? Will the Vinci find their fortune in these jungles? What secrets hide buried beneath the ancient ruins of Tixal?

Campaign Contents

We have had lots of questions about what the campaign is about. Some of our long-term supporters might know about our previous campaigns, Darkness Within and Jakob's Path. Much like these, this campaign will feature a 30-page pdf booklet with a full storyline and 10 missions to play along with our 4 heroes.

For the first time, we are releasing the characters' miniatures and rules, and to make sure everyone can play along, the campaign will also let you get our Saurians and Duchies of Vinci ranges at a big discount. You have them already? No worries, there will be a tier with just the heroes and campaign book for our long-time supporters.

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Two forces collide in this all-new narrative campaign for OPR Games' Age of Fantasy. Will you preserve the ancient lands of Tixal or unearth the secrets hidden deep within?


  • An All-New Narrative Campaign
  • Four New Hero Models
  • Two Full Armies featuring over 200 digital models
  • Two Exclusive Paint Sets from Two Thin Coats
  • High Quality Brush Sets from Chronicle
  • And More!

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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