Worlds Beyond Preview: Metalbeard Dwarves

April 29, 2024

On May 2nd, in partnership with prominent miniature makers Archvillain Games and Titan-Forge Miniatures, OPR Games is launching the Worlds Beyond campaign on MyMiniFactory's Frontiers. It will not only give you the opportunity to acquire hordes of minis at great value, but will also feature rules for each model included, allowing you to field your armies in our games.

We asked Kuba Sawka, Game Designer at Titan Forge, to tell us about the Metalbeard Dwaves, one of the showcase factions of the campaign! And this is what he had to say:


Metalbeard Dwarves - Art Style and Design

Titan Forge loves the bearded kind, and the Metalbeard Dwarves are a classic Titan Forge collection. It is one of the first armies that our studio has ever sculpted and released, making it a timeless bestseller.

And for good reason, as the army’s design captivates, all thanks to the unique take on dwarven craftsmanship. The blend of blacksmithing, metalworking, and engineering has brought to life an array of devices and automatons. Metalbeards are accompanied by mechanical steeds and remote-controlled minions. Even the army’s core troops and fodder are dwarf-shaped constructs programmed for battle.

All this is encased in the classic dwarven fantasy lore. The heroes are wearing heavy but intricately customized armor, and the weapons are re-engineered versions of typical dwarven armaments. The wide variety of war machines conveys deadly firepower through smooth steel surfaces, which are also a pleasure to paint.

We have had the satisfaction of seeing Metalbeard Dwarves played on countless tabletops around the world in all popular wargaming systems. They never cease to amaze, and we will never stop creating more memorable dwarves to expand the collection. Right now, you can join our latest Dwarven Holds campaign on Kickstarter and Frontiers.

Metalbeards Rules

We are extremely excited about bringing Metalbeards to One Page Rules. Our goal when designing miniatures is for them to tell a story, and the rules can further complement this to create a compelling gaming experience.

Dwarves have short legs and lots of heavy equipment to carry, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in resilience and ranged firepower. However, the latter is brought not only through crossbows, rifles, and war machines but also through a feat of engineering and some ancient magic. Metalbeards have captured the spark of thunder, which can be released on the enemies, penetrating their armors.

Setting up a ranged army requires an unbreakable front line. Diverse dwarven automatons are perfect candidates for that task. As machines, they know no fear, and their metal bodies can withstand many strikes. The live units are more versatile and can be customized through blessings and runes based on dwarven mythology. This leaves the army wide open to different styles and strategies.


Anvil of Power

One of the key and most spectacular units in the army is the Anvil of Power. Although the model is completely stationary, the anvil’s operator deploys through ancient tunnels that allow him to set up the forge anywhere on the map. Once installed, the forge has an excruciating effect on the area it covers, unleashing vicious thunderstorms that can be further modified with upgrades.


Gargy the Dragonsmith

Gargy the Dragonsmith is one of many dwarven heroes that burst with lore. His signature mechanical dragon patrols the surroundings, ready to light up enemies who wander too close. The pet can be thoroughly augmented with additional fire attacks, an ambush-alerting system, and even the ability to lure enemies with a dragon song. And that’s just the minion! Gargy himself brings in some serious short-range damage with his thunder fist and can inscribe runes to greatly improve the defensive capabilities of the units he joins.


Army Forge Studio

We have to say that using the Army Forge Studio to create the rules for Metalbeard Dwarves was an absolute pleasure. Just from the point of the user interface, everything is so perfectly intuitive and easy to set up. Allowing the community to seamlessly create and share their own rules is a tabletop game-changer and brings a whole new area of serious fun to the hobby.

You would think that allowing everyone to create rules would result in fatal balance issues or very limited design options. However, that is not the case, and that’s where the brilliance of the system lies. With countless options and some serious math behind every ability’s formula, all that is left is your idea and creativity to make your miniatures work the way you always imagined.


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If all this talk of dwarven might has you eager for more, why don’t you head over to check out the campaign page and sign up to be notified of the launch? And stay tuned for further articles about the other factions that are being deployed by Archvillain Games and Titan-Forge Miniatures!

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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