Worlds Beyond Tournament at UKGE

May 10, 2024

Field your new armies in a special Worlds Beyond One Page Rules' Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy tournament during UKGE on Friday May 31st! This special Sci-Fi vs Fantasy tournament is the perfect place to showcase your brand new armies or connect with other fans of One Page Rules, Titan-Forge, and Archvillain Games!

The tournament is co-organized by Titan-Forge and One Page Rules, using Titan-Forge's new MDF terrain range.

Tournament Information

To embrace the theme of Worlds Beyond with forces from across different universes clashing in epic battles, this will be a tournament for both Age of Fantasy and Grimdark Future armies!

  • The Tournament will use the Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy rules v3.3.1 for play. These game systems are cross-compatible, but players are encouraged to bring copies of the core rules of both games with them for reference.
  • The Tournament will use the Grimdark Future Tournament Guidelines available for free on our website
  • Chess Clocks and Reinforcement Rules will not be used.
  • The number of rounds of the Tournament will be determined by player count.
  • Points Limit: 1,500 pts
  • Grimdark Future’s Force Organization limits will apply to both Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy armies.
    • Maximum of 3 Heroes
    • Maximum of 2 Copies of Any Unit
    • Maximum of 7 Units in the Army
    • No Single Unit Above 525 Points
    • Combined Units Count as One
    • Grimdark Future Armies may only Ally with Other Grimdark Future Armies
    • Age of Fantasy Armies may only Ally with Other Age of Fantasy Armies
  • All official OPR Armies and armies from Titan-Forge and Archvillain Games are eligible for entry.
  • Army Lists must be created using Army Forge.
  • Please submit all army lists for review to Players who submit a list in advance will receive 1 extra Victory Point in the tournament.


The tournament will use the default mission presented in the Grimdark Future Core Rules except that there will always be five objectives instead of rolling for the number of objectives.

Scoring & Reporting

After each match, players should report the result of the match to the tournament judges including each player’s Victory Points and Destruction Points.

Victory Points: At the end of each match the winner gets 3 VPs, and in case of a tie both players get 1 VP each. 

Destruction Points: Additionally each player gets as many destruction points as the total point cost of all enemy units that were destroyed or shaken at the end of the match.

Winning the Tournament: After the final match the player with most VPs wins, and in case of a tie the player with the highest total destruction score across all played matches is the winner.

Line of Sight

The tournament will use Top-Down Line of Sight as presented in the Grimdark Future Tournament Guidelines Document

Required Materials

Players should bring the following to the tournament in order to play:

  • A Printed Copy of the Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy Core Rules
  • Models Representing their Army
  • Three Copies of their printed Army List
    • One for the Tournament Organizers
    • One to Lend to Their Opponent During Play
    • One for Themselves
  • A Set of Tokens to Represent Activations and Conditions During Play
  • A Tape Measure that Measures in Inches
  • Dice
  • A Pencil or Pen


The following awards will be recognized at the end of the tournament:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • Best Sport - as voted on by the participants
  • Best Painted - as voted on by the participants

Prizes will be announced at the event. The Best Painted award will also receive a 12 Paint Starter set from our friends at Two Thin Coats Paints!

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please email 

We’re excited to team up with Titan-Forge to host the first official tournament for One Page Rules. So if you’re going to UKGE, sign up, get your army ready, and we’ll see you there!

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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