3rd Edition is Here!

September 8, 2023

Start Playing 3rd Edition Now!

All you need to do to get started playing is to download the rules for the game you want to play, build or update your army list, and then get your models on the table! All of the rules have been updated, as well as all of our armies and our free Army Forge list-building app! We have made sure that everything you need to play is ready to go right away.

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If you've never played any of our games before, the Quickstart Sets are the perfect place to begin! Available for Grimdark Future, Grimdark Future: Firefight, Age of Fantasy, and Age of Fantasy: Skirmish, each Quickstart Set guides you through learning to play through your first few games and includes two armies (For 3D and 2D printing), terrain, and game aids!

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Watch a Grimdark Future 3rd Edition Battle Report!

If you want to see Grimdark Future 3rd Edition in action right away, we teamed up with our friends at Haunts' Wargaming. They pitched the Alien Hives against the Saurian Starhost in a fight to the finish. This battle report was made while the rules were still in development, so there may be some changes in the final version. We hope this helps all of you get familiar with the 3rd Edition rules.

What's Changed with 3rd Edition?

Over the last few weeks we published a few articles talking extensively about the 3rd Edition changes, which you can read here, here, and here.

The overall goal with 3rd Edition is to provide you with a refreshed version of our games, which is more balanced, easier to understand, and that provides a more fun game experience across the board. There are no huge game-changing differences, all in all the games still play the same as before, but you will find that the accumulation of many small changes makes for a better experience as a whole.

Here are the most important rules updates released today:

  • Unit coherency is now 1" from other members and 9" from all members (6" for skirmish)
  • Cover now gives units +1 to Defense rolls
  • Lock-On has been modified to ignore cover as well
  • Aircraft must now be deployed first, and always move 30-36"
  • Entrenched now gives enemies -2 to hit if the entrenched unit hasn't moved
  • Fear now has an X value, and was re-balanced across the board
  • Fearless now makes you pass failed morale tests on 4+
  • Furious now multiplies hits on 6s when charging
  • Impact hits are now attacks that hit on 2+ instead
  • Added new AoF special rule: Lance (weapon gets AP+2 when charging)
  • Units with Counter now strike first and enemy Impact attacks only hit on 6s
  • Poison now forces enemies to re-roll successful blocks on 6s
  • Relentless now multiplies hits on 6s when holding and shooting
  • Added new GF special rule: Reliable (weapon hits on 2+)
  • Rending now always gives -1 to Regen rolls (instead of fully ignoring regen on 6s)
  • Stealth now only works from over 12" away
  • Spell casting and caster levels have been significantly re-worked

Here is a full log of the general updates released today:

  • General fixing of typos and rule inconsistencies across books
  • Added multiple options for line of sight
  • Clarified that the game can be played on smaller tables, as long as armies deploy 24" apart
  • Modified recommended game sizes for starting matches and added game sizes for full matches
  • Added optional force organisation rules
  • Clarified that only multi-model units may be combined
  • Clarified that units may only target up to two different targets with multiple weapons
  • Clarified that Fatigued units only hit on unmodified results of 6
  • Clarified that Shaken units count as Fatigued
  • Clarified that units must only bounce back by 1" after combat if possible
  • Added a note in GF+AoF saying that players may agree not to bounce back by 1" after combat for simplicity
  • Clarified that Blast is applied per each attack
  • For skirmish, attack splitting has been removed (but remains on Blast)
  • Breath Attack has been removed from core rules (it's an army rule now)
  • Clarified that Deadly hits must be resolved first
  • Clarified that Heroes with up to Tough(6) may only be in multi-model units without another hero
  • Clarified that units may charge when disembarking out of Transports, and move by up to 6" after disembarking
  • For skirmish, clarified that hero buffs are applied when units activate within the aura
  • For skirmish, when units with multiple models fall, the models are killed instead (except for the last one)
  • For skirmish, reduced AP from falling hits, and falling models are not stunned (but end their activation instead)
  • For skirmish, consolidated jumping and dropping into one action, and removed leaping
  • For campaigns, modified the starting army points, as well as the points for winning, losing, and special objectives
  • For campaigns, clarified that underdog points modify all dice in a roll
  • For campaigns, clarified when conceding happens, which units count as casualties, and getting XP for surviving
  • For advance rules, tactical retreat now costs 3CP and is a D6+2" move, whilst closing fire costs 2CP and now requires line of sight
  • For advanced rules, replaced merry-go-round rules with king of the hill rules
  • For advanced rules, added tournament guidelines, solo & co-op, campaigns, and mission cards
  • For expansions, campaign books, and mission packs, all rules have been adapted for the new edition

Whilst we are releasing 3rd Edition today, that is not the end for us, not by a mile. Over the next few weeks you can expect small hot fixes to deal with any issues that might arise with the new files, and we are going to monitor community response and gameplay feedback to see if any of the changes need to be tweaked or reversed. After this short period of adaptation, we will then switch to quarterly game updates, where we continuously improve the rules, armies, and more.

Besides general game updates, we are planning to work on general army re-works across the board in the future, which will serve to tweak units, weapons, special rules, and spell lists, to provide you with army lists that feel more interesting and thematic. Don't worry, we have no plans to introduce complicated army rules, detachment rules, stratagems, or anything like that: OPR games will continue to follow the OPR design philosophy of "easy to learn, fun to play".

We currently have no ETA on when those changes will come, in which order they will be released, or exactly what will change for each army, but we will make sure to keep you informed as things progress. In the future we are also hoping to be able to release more expansions, narrative campaigns, mission packs, and more, but that's a conversation for another day. For now, we're happy to finally release 3rd Edition, and we hope that you enjoy these new updates!

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Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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