Community Books in Army Forge Now!

June 9, 2023

Hi everyone,

Today we're very excited to announce the beginning of a new era for OPR, and even for wargaming as a whole!

Wargaming Redefined

Army Forge has now been updated with a new section with Community Books for all games. In this section you will find hundreds of new army books which you can use to play with our games, covering all sorts of genres and miniature lines, from steampunk to historicals. Never before in the history of wargaming has there been a single gaming system that easily gives you the ability to play with any and all miniatures together in a balanced way, at this scale.

This is an incredibly exciting new opportunity for all wargamers, because it means that you can now play with any and all miniatures ever made together, using a consistent set of rules. Any miniature in your collection, any old model stored in a basement, any box you see on a store shelf, are now all compatible with each other through our games. We are bringing gamers together in a never before seen way.

This means that you can now walk into any wargaming store or club, and no matter which miniatures others have, you can all play together. Not only that, but armies are compatible across genres, so you can have sci-if armies fight fantasy armies, or historical armies, and so on. Sci-Fi troopers from a galaxy far away can fight WW2 paratroopers, anime cyberpunk operators can battle it out with steampunk machines of war, super heroes can clash with plastic brick soldiers, and much much more.

The possibilities are endless, and only one click away:

Official Armies By Other Companies

Not only will you be able to play with countless fan created armies, but there is also an ever-growing list of official army books created by other miniature companies, so that you can play our games with their miniatures. This is a massive revolution for indie creators, who now have the ability to make miniatures that can be paired with a game, all completely for free, without having to worry to develop a new game from scratch which may not find an audience.

As the projects keeps growing, the Army Forge app will allow hundreds of creators to get together under one banner, changing the gaming landscape. Our dream is that this allows the whole wargaming community to grow together, instead of splintering off into a thousand tiny niches where projects go to die. If you are a miniature creator and want to have your own armies on Army Forge, contact us now:

Build Your Own Armies

"But what if I have miniatures for which there is no army book?" - We hear you ask. Very simple, just build your own! :D

By supporting us on Patreon at Tier 1, you get full access to Army Forge Studio, the tools used to create our army books (note: you only need to be a patron to create new custom armies, all user created armies are available and playable by the public for free). That's right, we are making all of the tools that we use to create official army books available to our whole community, and the whole world. The tool is incredibly easy to use, and allows you to create amazing army books from scratch in no-time.

Not only that, but the system does all of the heavy lifting for you. All of the point costs are automatically calculated across the board, ensuring that every army follows the same criteria. We have a huge list of existing special rules for you to use, as well as the option to re-name them to fit your own army theme. You also have a dedicated lore section, where you can write up what makes your army so cool.

Oh, and did we mention that the system automatically generates a PDF for you, as well as sets up your book so that people can build game-ready lists in Army Forge?

Helping The Cause

If you're interested in contributing, make sure to support us on Patreon at Tier 1, and get full access to Army Forge Studio, so that you can build your own dream books for others to play with. Right now it would be most useful for the community to create armies based on popular miniatures genres, so that it's easier to get different communities to play together, but all sorts of other creative and fun books are welcome too of course.

We would like to remind anyone that is creating books in Army Forge Studio that we take copyrights and trademark infringement very seriously, and so make sure to review our terms of service, and do not to create any armies that use any material that belongs to other companies.

Spreading The Love

We have tried to make Army Forge the best we could, and are committed to keep adding new features, improving the tool, and more. In the meantime, we are also giving you the tools to get the most out of the system, making it easy to find the books you want with a robust suite of search, filtering and sorting functions. On top of that we're also giving you the ability to vote, bookmark, share, and report army books, to ensure that high quality armies are visible, and problematic ones are removed.

As you can see, we are incredibly excited about this new tool, and hope that you are too. Please share this news with all of your wargaming friends, so that this revolution can get the coverage it deserves. If you are a YouTube creator, wargaming journalist, or wargaming influences, we have review accounts available on request:

Alright, enough talking, go enjoy the new armies:

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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