Grimdark Future World Book Available Now!

April 9, 2024
Earth is but a distant memory for those beneath the grim tapestry of war-torn worlds that form the new constellations of this sector. Looming over them, massive fleets of spaceborne vessels creep over the horizon, blocking out the stars as they slowly approach a Jumpgate.

For ten years, the universe of Grimdark Future has only been glimpsed through a couple of narrative campaigns, short army book introductions, illustrations and design cues on models. Things have already begun to change this year, however, with the rolling out of the new Secrets of Tixal narrative campaign and short stories. 

The Grimdark Future World Book is the next big step in unveiling the lore for our game!

So what is the Grimdark Future World Book?

This 64-page book has been a long time project which has grown and developed alongside the setting and its lore. A primer on the wider Grimdark Future setting, it will connect the lore shown so far through narrative campaigns, short stories and army book intros and build a foundation for future stories and campaigns. 


  • Humanity’s origins and history in the Grimdark Future
  • The history, ongoing conflicts, key locations and factions of the Sirius Sector
  • Information on societies in the setting, touching on everything from space travel to policing.
  • Galactic geography, introducing the wider galaxy and the planets contained within.
  • Beautiful artwork on almost every page, including some factions never before depicted by OPR
  • New short stories and flash fiction throughout the book, depicting life on and off the battlefield in Sirius.

10th Anniversary Sale

It is no coincidence that we're launching the Grimdark Future World Book the same month as OPR's 10th Anniversary. This book is the culmination of years of work and the growth of our worlds. To celebrate, we're having a huge sale on models on MyMiniFactory! This sale will only last until April 15th, so take advantage of it while you can!

Note: Sale excludes books, PDFs, and digital models exclusive to recent crowdfunding campaigns, such as Secrets of Tixal.

Print Version

With 64 full-color pages filled with wonderful artwork, we're sure many of you would love to have a physical version of this book. In the near future we hope to be able to provide a print-on-demand version of the Grimdark Future World Book! When we do, we will provide a discount code to everyone who purchases the PDF before the launch of the physical version.

More Lore on the Website

With the launch of the Grimdark Future World Book, we're also launching the all-new Lore Section of our website! There you'll be able to find out even more information about the factions for Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy! This section will grow and change as our worlds do, so be sure to check back frequently!

More About the World Book

Since then, humanity has managed to grow and prosper in Sirius. The first fledgling colonies founded by marooned refugees and soldiers have slowly grown into sprawling cities, supported by nearby mining and farming worlds.

The book will dive into detail on Humanity’s history from present day right up to their arrival in the Sirius Sector and beyond, giving context to the factions of Grimdark Future and occasionally complex interrelations. The World Book will expand on the story of the Founder’s rise to power and his ascension in Sirius as the Conduit.

It will also tell the story of the Radiance Cascade, the disaster which brought humanity to Sirius while bringing several factions in the sector to the verge of destruction. The effects of the Radiance still linger in Sirius, profoundly affecting the lives of many in Sirius and even drawing some to the sector itself from far-flung corners of the galaxy.

The World Book will also look at Sirius in the present day, expounding on its ongoing conflicts, factions and a handful of vital locations in the region. These can help players to build narrative stakes for their battles, tying it into ongoing rivalries and conflicts in the story, or creating their own tales of shocking betrayals or unlikely alliances.

Fans will also find several beautiful new illustrations of the setting, maps and short stories. These visuals bring the setting to life in a way never done before; establishing a clear aesthetic and vision for the Grimdark Universe. Sections about the societies and cultures of the setting further this goal as well by giving us a glimpse of how everything from psychic powers to travel and technology are viewed by those living in the setting.

Rumours abound of countless marvels and secrets hiding within the fringes of space, whether its unique species evolved in isolation, ancient relics from lost civilizations, or even from secluded civilizations residing within the Frontier, so far uncontacted by the rest of the galaxy.

Of course, the vastness and diversity of the setting are always key. For years, we’ve seen greatly varied visions of setting could be from players through writing jams, battle reports and other parts of the community. We hope that the World Book will give players context, story hooks and inspiration to help them keep building stories and inspiring each other. 

We’ve done our best to leave space for people’s own visions of what this universe can be like, while also sharing our own to create a clearer and stronger launching board for fans to tell their own stories about their personal heroes, commanders and factions. 

We hope this book will inspire you to join us in the Grimdark Future Universe; whether to see the setting that has inspired this game or taking inspiration to build your own stories.

How will you forge your path through this Grimdark Future?

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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