Grimdark Future World Book Preview

April 5, 2024
“It’s always better on the other side of the Jumpgate.” - Synntrica Mael, Frontier Explorer & Trail Scribe

Welcome to the second article in our series about the Grimdark Future World Book.

The release date for the Grimdark Future World Book is fast approaching and so we’re excited to take the chance to dive in a little deeper into the setting itself; the Sirius Sector itself and the vast galaxy, which it makes up a small part of.

As mentioned in our previous article, the World Book is a setting primer for Grimdark Future and related games like Grimdark Future: Firefight and Grimdark Future: Warfleets. The focus of this book is to give readers a glimpse at the wider setting, beyond the Sirius Sector and into the wider galaxy. Fans will learn a lot more about the story’s setting and have a bit more context to create their own factions and stories for this universe.

Last time, we focused on the history of humanity, the Sirius Sector, and Jumpgate travel. This time, we’re going to take a quick peek at the wider galaxy, from its core to its farthest reaches, and what makes them unique.

Without further ado, let’s get a closer look!

Sirius Sector in the Galaxy

“The Outer Sphere is huge, and I’ve seen a lot of it. I’ve trembled helplessly on the front lines of the Reprogrammation Wars, I’ve crossed the depths of the Shadow Nebula with the One-Mind squadron, and I’ve even busted a move or two.” - Excerpt from ‘Adventures around the Spheres, my life in holograms’ by Herpito Sartaccus

Though the Sirius Sector encompasses a vast region of space with thousands of stars, it represents only a small part of the wider galaxy. It has become home, in some capacity or another, to the factions in Grimdark Future, but only a few actually trace their origins to this small sector. Humanity notably came from a different galaxy entirely; but other factions have also come to Sirius. 

These factions have arrived in Sirius for many reasons, whether seeking to expand their territory or due to subtle changes in migratory patterns. The World Book touches on these origins and on how their arrivals have helped shape the sector.

Most of the galaxy is not unlike Sirius, a hodgepodge of strange species and fractious factions seeking to assert themselves in a chaotic galaxy.  The Outer Sphere is the vast area between the harmonious order of the Inner Sphere and the unexplored Frontier at the edge of the galaxy. Its many sectors are connected by an intricate web of Jumpgates and wormholes, allowing ships to travel throughout this often chaotic region.

The World Book will also dive into the Radiance Cascade, a disaster which has made the Sirius Sector notable within the Outer Sphere. The lingering effects of this disaster have catapulted this sector to galactic notoriety; a potential long-term danger to the galaxy but also a source of opportunity and wealth.

Inner Sphere

There were at least a hundred beings here waiting for the shuttle, and most of them were species she’d never even heard of.

At the core of the Jumpgate network which connects the galaxy, the Inner Sphere exists as a beacon of prosperity and cooperation. While removed from the violence of the wider galaxy, there is still a great deal of intrigue to be found in the diverse and eclectic worlds found here; due in part to its influence over the wider galaxy and its ability to serve as a relatively safe neutral group for rival factions to meet.

While those in the Outer Sphere struggle amongst themselves in factions, seeking to assert themselves over a handful of stars, the Inner Sphere has successfully maintained peace over the thousands of star systems. The ruling Council, striving to represent each of the culturally and biologically diverse species living there, has worked tirelessly to maintain this peace.

The World Book will explore this powerful region; its history, government, worlds, and influence on the wider galaxy. While far from the clashing factions of Sirius, canny adventurers, commanders and warlords keep themselves well-apprised of the goings on in the galactic core.


What was that saying she heard so many times from old Frontier explorers? Find a treasure, lose a friend.

While there are some parts of the Outer Sphere which remain uncharted due to astronomical phenomena, isolationist species or lack of interest, most uncharted systems are located at the edge of the galaxy. This region, which stretches between the territory claimed by established factions and the vast void between galaxies, is known to most as the Frontier.

It is a place of adventure and mystery, a home to countless undiscovered species as well as exiles fleeing into the safety of uncharted space. Many adventurers, explorers, and charlatans have made names for themselves here, and there are still many more finds waiting to be uncovered by those willing to brave this remote part of the galaxy.

The World Book will explore just a handful of the worlds and creatures which can be found there, as well as the kinds of adventurers who go there; planting the possibility for narrative encounters between fire teams fighting at the edge of the galaxy light-years from home. 

Final Words

We are very excited for the upcoming release of the Grimdark Future World Book. We hope it may give fans a closer look at the galaxy we’ve created; tying together the factions and stories we’ve put together in the Sirius Sector and framing them in the larger galaxy, which we hope to explore with you all! 

Whether you want to learn more about the factions and conflicts of the Sirius sector, or explore the galaxy beyond it, there is a lot to be gleaned from this book!

This is our final article before the full release; there’s still plenty more which we haven’t revealed and we’re eagerly waiting to see everything released.

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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