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Patch Notes - February 23rd 2023

February 23, 2023

Hi everyone,

This week we published a large update for Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy, here’s some patch notes for you:


  • Small rules cost changes all over
  • Support-type units now in squads of 3
  • Sniper-type units now in squads of 3
  • Units can’t upgrade with more than 3 Sniper Rifles anymore
  • Some Hero rules that gave Furious now give +2 hits on rolls of 6
  • Companion-type upgrades now give Warning Cry
  • Artilleryist-type upgrades now allow to instantly move or shoot
  • Anti-Spell style upgrades now give 4+ Regeneration against spells
  • Weapon Team upgrades have been overhauled
  • Unit-spawning abilities can now be used only once per game

Battle Brothers + Detachments

  • Aegis now gives 4+ Regeneration against spells
  • Grim doesn’t give Fearless anymore

Prime Brothers + Detachments

  • Hover Squads now have Strider and Indirect, lost Tough(3)

Blessed Sisters

  • Exo-Suits now come in units of 1

Eternal Dynasty

  • Units can now only upgrade with one drone

Havoc Brothers + Disciples

  • Removed all daemons from disciples lists
  • Change hexed weapons now have the Warp rule

High Elf Fleets

  • Re-worked Reaper weapons
  • Re-worked Wraith Suit weapons
  • Heavy Jetbikes can now upgrade with Stealth

Human Defense Force

  • Re-worked Cavalry loadouts

Machine Cult

  • Anti-Charge System removed

Orc Marauders

  • Bosses lost Tough but gained Defense +1
  • Goblin vehicles re-worked to be units of 3

Robot Legions

  • Warrior Reaper Rifle upgrade is now “replace all”
  • Slightly modified Biker loadout

TAO Coalition

  • Re-worked wording on Spotting Lasers
  • Re-worked loadouts for Battlesuits
  • Anti-Charge System now gives Inhibitor Drone

Wormhole Daemons

  • Change now have Warp instead of AP(1)
  • Lust now have Overload instead of double attacks
  • Re-worked Champion, Harbinger, Ascended and Avatar loadouts
  • Furies Armblade upgrade is now “replace all”

Duchies of Vinci

  • Automa rule removed from cavalry units


  • Goat Riders now get Mighty Horns instead of Impact(1)

Ossified Undead

  • Re-worked the Eternal Duty upgrade

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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