Patch Notes - May 14th 2024

May 14, 2024

Hi everyone,

As announced in the previous patch notes, and as is usual whenever we make our quarterly updates, today we are releasing v3.3.1 as an update to the rules we posted recently.

This update is going to be a bit different, as we don't usually like to make drastic changes in a short time, but we want to address the new Assault and Shaken rules as soon as possible to bring things back to a more stable place.

With this release we are also providing print-friendly versions of all of the Core Rules and Beginner's Guides, for those that like to print out the rules. There are some other small changes to rules and armies as well, which we will be putting in patch notes at the bottom.

Assault & Shaken

After much deliberation, we have decided to move some of the recent changes to the Advanced Rules, where we think they probably always should have been in the first place. Whilst the new Assault and Shaken rules can be interesting, they add too much complexity to the core of the game, which we want to keep as simple it was before.

The Assault rule is being removed from the Core Rules completely, and is being moved to the Advanced Rules as the new Assault action, whilst Shaken in the Core Rules is returning to its previous state, and a new Last Stand action has been added to the Advanced Rules which allows units to fight on whilst Shaken. Note that cost of morale and morale-related rules were tweaked to go with this change.

The only thing that is remaining in the Core Rules is that in skirmish games, units are still Shaken instead of being Stunned. This aligns with our goal to make the skirmish games a little less deadly, and keeps them more in line with the other games.

We know that for some players it will be sad to see such new options be removed from the Core Rules after so little time, but those rules are in no way completely gone, and you can still enjoy them via the Advanced Rules. We hope that this is a compromise that can satisfy as many players as possible, and we will keep tweaking the rules in the future.

This is hopefully going to be the last hotfix to the rules until the next quarterly update, and we are not planning on doing any major changes to the games again for a while. You can expect us to keep tweaking armies, as well as rules wording, but we're not planning to change the core rules anymore for now.

Other Rules Changes

We are also moving the additional LoS options from the Beginner's Guide to the Tournament Guide, and we are adding a new page at the beginning of the Advanced Rules section, which organizes the various extra rules into five themed pre-made packs, making it easier to get started with the Advanced Rules.

Print-Friendly Versions

Besides all of the rules changes, we are also providing new print-friendly versions of the Core Rules and the Beginner's Guides for all of the games, since we got a lot of feedback from people asking us to bring those back.

One of the major issues with providing print-friendly versions is that they essentially double the workload when it comes to layout, as well as double the amount of files we have to provide, which can be problematic. We are currently looking into a better solution for providing both colored and print-friendly versions, as well as a better solution besides PDFs, such as Army-Forge integration for all the books.

Base Size Recommendations

We also wanted to give you a quick update on the Army-Forge base size recommendation feature, as we unfortunately had to disable the feature due to incorrect sizes being shown. We are working at re-checking all of the base sizes for all of the units, but it's going to take us a little longer. As soon as everything has been corrected, we will re-enable the feature for you to enjoy.

Here's the full patch notes for you:

General Rules

  • Assault + new Shaken moved to Advanced Rules
  • Tweaked costs of morale and morale-related rules
  • Blast wording changed from "max." to "up to" for clarity
  • Fearless wording changed so it only applies if most models in the unit have it
  • Furious wording clarified to only apply in melee
  • Tweaked special rules notes and examples for Aircraft, Caster, Counter, Sniper, and Transport
  • For GFF + AoFS, units may now only use a hero's Quality for morale tests (not special rules)
  • For AoFS, fixed incorrect Command Group models allowance in Beginner's Guide
  • For AoFR, fixed new morale penalties for flanking not being present outside of Core Rules
  • For Campaign Rules, clarified how much more expensive heroes get whenever they level up
  • Quickstart sets have been updated with new changes
  • 2D and 3D Line of Sight rules have been moved to Tournament Guidelines
  • Advanced Rules now feature pre-made rules packs to help players pick which rules to use

General Special Rules

  • Repair must now be used before attacking
  • Poison in Melee (and similar): Clarified wording to specify it only applies to weapons
  • Undead (and similar): Units take wounds on rolls of 1-3 again, the rule now only applies if most models in the unit have it, and it was re-worded to clarify how many dice are rolled
  • No Retreat (and similar): Changed to work like Undead to fix an exploit
  • Hold the Line (and similar): Changed to work like Undead to fix an exploit

Grimdark Future

Alien Hives

  • Added Fearless to all Carnivo-Rex monsters again
  • Rapacious Beast and Invasion Artillery Spore can now spawn Spores and Massive Spores

Battle Brothers

  • Blood Brothers: Death Brothers now have AP(1) on their CCWs

Custodian Brothers

  • Fixed Destroyer upgrades leading to a combo without melee weapons

Dao Union

  • Heavy Stealth Suit can now also upgrade with Flying
  • Stealth Drone can't be stacked anymore

Havoc Brothers

  • Added new unit: Mutated Cultists
  • Mutated Brothers and Greater Mutated now have AP(1)
  • Mutated Brothers, Greater Mutated, and Mutated Destroyers now have -1 Defense
  • Plague Brothers: Plague Hauler onw has Regeneration

High Elf Fleets

  • Heroes can now upgrade with a Master Sniper Rifle
  • Replaced Hero's Fusion Rifle for a Great Flamer / Fusion Axe
  • Titan Elemental now has more ranged and melee attacks

Orc Marauders

  • Battle Rig and Looted Tank now start with 5x Rocket Launchers

Prime Brothers

  • Grave Prime Master can now replace its Energy Sword for an Energy Fist
  • Prime ATV now have Impact(3)

Age of Fantasy

Havoc Warriors

  • Plague Disciples: Fixed Plague King Fly Rider being able to take three Command Group upgrades

Vampiric Undead

  • Stitched Zombie Horde upgrade now has Fear(2) and Furious
  • Fixed incorrect number of Stomp attacks on Skeleton Dragon


  • Fixed Beast Rider being able to take three Command Group upgrades

Shadow Stalkers

  • Great Screecher can now take ranged weapon upgrades

Sky-City Dwarves

  • Re-worked Augment to be in line with other similar rules

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team

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